Surviving Academia: Seminar for Early Career & PhD Students, London

On Wednesday 17th June 2015, 2-4pm, Borough Road Building, BR-310 South Bank University the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research will be hosting a seminar to discuss the experiences, challenges and opportunities faced by early career researchers trying to get ahead in academia. The session will focus on the time pressures and multiple expectations of PhD students to reach employable status, as well as the anxieties generated by short, fixed term temporary research contracts immediately post-PhD.  Weeks Centre final year PhD student Jaya Gajparia and Early Career academic Emily Falconer discuss their views, with a particular focus on how wider pressures on Early Career academics can deeply shape (ethical) encounters during fieldwork.

Whilst this seminar is free and open to all, we especially welcome PhD students and Early Career Researchers. There will be opportunities for open discussion and potential survival tips!

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Jaya Gajparia (Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research) The Guilty Encounters when ‘Capitalising on Rapport’

Dr Emily Falconer (Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research) Moments of Collusion? The trials and tribulations of the early career, fixed term contract RA (in the field)